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From Lawyer to comedian: don't be afraid to live your dreams! Life is short so JUST DO IT!

Julie is a true Parisian who resigned from her position as an M&A lawyer after the Bataclan assaults in Paris. It made her realize that life was too short to dream away. She had always wanted to make people laugh and she was going to do it! "Oh my god she's Parisian!" is the first and unique one-woman show 100% in Paris by a true Parisian.

The show opened in 2017. Since then, more than 13 000 Parisians and people from all over the word  have experienced this unique stand-up comedy. She is the only comedian who brings the daily life of a Parisian on stage with a unique sense of humor that mixes different techniques such as stand-up, singing, improvisation and mime.

The audience experiences 24 hours in the life a a Parisian, from breakfast to a crazy night out. Julie changes her show depending on what is happening in Paris! Every show is different depending on her audience, that's what makes "OH MY GOD SHE's PARISIAN so special!"

"Julie is sharp, funny and engaging!
As an American tourist, I found the show to provide great insight into the French culture and mindset. The show is in a small theater and lasts about an hour - grab dinner afterwards and you’ve got a fantastic night out in Paris!"

"The best show I have seen with the Moulin Rouge, a MUST-SEE in Paris!
That girl is incredible! I laughed all the time. She is a real Parisian who describes the Parisians with a lot of humour. I learned a lot about Paris that I didn't know as a tourist: how schools work, how Parisians educate their children, what makes Parisian dinners so stressful, why there is the "yellow jacket revolution... and she masters improvisation to perfection! I felt Parisian after the show!"
"An excellent show by a witty Parisian!
If you like stand-up comedy you will like her! This young Parisian woman (with whom I had the chance to talk after the show) takes us into her completely crazy world. She tells us about the typical day of a Parisian woman in which she mixes anecdotes about the city of Paris..."